Press Release – Debut Collection 2023 Spiritual Awakening

28, Aug, 2023 | News

Debut Collection 2023 – Spiritual Awakening


The Annual Collection 2023, aptly named Spiritual Awakening, is Singaporean/ Thai designer Jocelyn Ng’s first collection launched under her own label JOCCELYN, which will be showcased on the runway at New York Fashion Week on 9 September 2023 and Paris Fashion Week on 1 October 2023. Jocelyn is a recent graduate of the TAFE Ultimo Fashion Design School in Sydney, Australia, Class of 2023. 

JOCCELYN is a couture womenswear fashion label comprising a curated mix of bold statement pieces and elevated classics, with a focus on the designer’s paintings as prints. The JOCCELYN aesthetic defines transcendent elegance while striking a balance between femininity and boldness. Governed by art, quality and craftsmanship, the brand’s pieces are designed to stand the test of time and can be seen as heirloom pieces passed from one generation to the next. The brand’s signature design service, Wear Your Story – customise your dress, perfect your fit, personalise your art, embodies the ultimate bespoke experience for its clientele.

There are 5 pillars of commitment here at Maison JOCCELYN: Spiritual consciousness, superior craftsmanship, fashion as art, sustainability, and ethics.

Spiritual Awakening is a deep reflection on the human process of self-discovery. It aims to capture the emotions and changes the mind and body experiences, as well as the journey of this process. It is inspired by the journey of discovering inner peace by connecting with spirituality, and consequently embodies the emotions and discoveries experienced in this process of mental and spiritual transformation.

“Engaging with my spirituality offers a respite—a sanctuary where I found solace, purpose, and a renewed sense of belonging. Amid the demands of daily life and noise, my connection with Spirit provides me with a reflective space to find balance, direction, and foster a sense of meaning that helps me rediscover my authentic self”, fashion designer and visual artist Jocelyn Ng explains.

Beyond the beauty and the glamour, JOCCELYN aims to bring a spiritual consciousness (the principles of love, faith, hope and charity) into fashion. According to Jocelyn, “I have met many people who value expressing themselves in a way that connects with spirituality and peace. This has led me to find meaning in sharing, and I would like to start that conversation through my fashion. I want people who wear my clothes to feel confident and beautiful, seen and heard. When we dress for ourselves, fashion transcends self-expression. It helps us to connect with our soul and purpose in life. It is an embodiment of our authentic selves.”

JOCCELYN is environmentally and socially conscious of the design process from inception to completion and employs sustainable and ethical materials and production processes. Waste is reduced by the label’s focus on making garments to order using high-quality natural fibres made to stand the test of time. Garment hire services are also offered. Eco-friendly dyeing techniques, recycling, upcycling deadstock fabric by additional fabric manipulation are some of the processes we use to ensure environmentally friendly manufacturing.

Authentic Self Dress (left) and Awakening Dress (right)
Dark Night Coat Dress  (left) and Purpose Matching Set  (right)
More images in this link: Spiritual Awakening Folder 


Photoshoot team credits

 Photographer: Charles Grant

Makeup and Hair Artist: Jessica Yang

Stylist: Emma Cotteril

Models: Sophie Turnbull, Miji Awakyr


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Jocelyn Ng

Business Operations Manager

Jia Foo