At Maison JOCCELYN, we believe in crediting all our sponsors, creative personals and artisans, because it is important to us that every step of the creative process is recognised.

Spiritual Awakening

Atelier: Tracy Li, Fei, Jody Head

Tambour beaders: Parichat Krupaew, Charlotte Appleby

Workroom Assistants: Hayeon Kim, Evelyn Ng, Nada Zaitoun

Photography, Videography and Colour grading: Charles Grant

Retoucher: Volodymyr Odnoral

Sound engineer: Sam Muir

Stylist: Emma Cotteril

Makeup and Hair: Jessica Yang

Campaign Models: Sophie Turnbull, Miji Awakyr

Web Builder: Adair Jeng, Dennis Blanco

Branding Designer: Marcelle Lunam

Poetry and Copywrite: Nancy Cao, Jia Foo


Special thanks to:

My dad Joseph Ng for making this all possible

My business partner Jia Foo for her penchant for writing and vital experience in business operations



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