JOCCELYN is a couture brand that creates bold, elegant, timeless womenswear – a curated mix of elegant essentials and even bolder statement pieces. The JOCCELYN aesthetic defines transcendent elegance while striking a balance between femininity and boldness.

There are 5 pillars of commitment here at Maison JOCCELYN: Spiritual consciousness, superior craftsmanship, fashion as art, sustainability, and ethics.

JOCCELYN’s design philosophy is upheld by our spiritual beliefs and love for the arts. At JOCCELYN, every garment is infused with love, passion, and integrity, and we aim to bring a spiritual consciousness into fashion. Our designs combine fashion and art – bringing together the art of dress-making and visual art.

The JOCCELYN woman is a strong, independent woman who is not afraid to make bold statements. She is interested in the pursuit of a higher knowledge, and passionate about making the world a better place.

Each collection at JOCCELYN is devoted to femininity, the journey to womanhood, and explores sculpture and shape.


As one of our key pillars of commitment, Maison JOCCELYN is inspired by social and ecological issues and we hope to raise awareness about such issues by telling a story through our garments.

JOCCELYN aims to make the world a better place by using sustainable and ethical materials and production processes. Our garments reduce waste as they are heirloom pieces made to stand the test of time using high-quality natural fibres such as silk. Eco-friendly dyeing techniques, recycling, upcycling deadstock fabric by additional fabric manipulation are some of the processes we use to ensure environmentally friendly manufacturing. We also ensure that we work with environmentally conscientious suppliers, and that our workers are paid a fair and liveable wage.

In offering hire services for our garments, JOCCELYN offers a solution that harmonizes style with eco-consciousness in a world of ever-changing styles and overflowing closets. Each rental breathes new life into garments, extending their utility and curbing the cycle of disposability. Our garment hire service therefore embraces fashion that treads lightly on the planet, promoting a future where elegance and conscientiousness coexist harmoniously.


Growing up in Singapore and Thailand, Jocelyn always had an artistic streak but started her first career in banking and moved to Australia to continue working in this sector. However, after a life-changing experience in 2019, she took a leap of faith to follow her calling as a fashion designer. Jocelyn enrolled to study a Bachelor in Fashion Design at TAFE in Sydney. Upon completing her graduate collection “Spiritual Awakening”, she was inspired to start her own label titled JOCCELYN.

Jocelyn is well-versed in drawing and painting including fashion illustration, realism and life-drawing using different mediums such as ink, watercolour, gouache, acrylic paint. While studying fashion design, Jocelyn developed herself further by learning millinery and as an artist taking painting and life drawing lessons. As an artist, the concept of wearable art is central to her designs. Jocelyn draws from her paintings as a source of inspiration and is known for combining her dress making and paintings.


“I want people who wear my clothes to feel confident and beautiful, seen and heard. I want them to dress for themselves. Because when we dress for ourselves, fashion transcends self expression. It helps us connect with our soul and purpose in life. It is an embodiment of our authentic selves.”

Jocelyn Ng
Fashion Designer + Visual Artist


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