Annual Collection 2024

Spritual Awakening

The Spiritual Awakening Collection reflects deeply on the human process of self-discovery. It is inspired by my journey of discovering inner peace by connecting with spirituality, and consequently embodies the emotions experienced in this process of mental and spiritual transformation.

I used to work in banking, but a near-death experience made me realise that I had to follow my heart and pursue a creative career. I connected with my spirituality and rediscovered myself, prompting my decision to tap into my creativity and become a fashion designer.There is a tendency to lead extremely busy lives to test the limits of time; treating “living life to the fullest” as a challenge to pack as much as we can into our schedules. For me, this led to feelings of disconnection, stress, depression and an overall sense of emptiness. It is precisely in this context where I found that the significance of nurturing a connection with one’s spirituality is paramount.

Engaging with my spirituality offers a respite—a sanctuary where I found solace, purpose, and a renewed sense of belonging. Amid the demands of daily life and noise, my connection with Spirit provides me with a reflective space to find balance, direction, and foster a sense of meaning that transcends material pursuits. It is a timeless reminder that spiritual connection remains an essential pillar of well-being and fulfillment. It is with this epiphany that I designed my Spiritual Awakening Collection. I want to start that conversation with my fashion, to remind people of their connection to Spirit so that they can feel peace like I have. I hope that my fashion creations not only satisfy and comfort me, but you as well.

Journey into your true self…

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“I want people who wear my clothes to feel confident and beautiful, seen and heard. I want them to dress for themselves. Because when we dress for ourselves, fashion transcends self-expression. It helps us to connect with our soul and purpose in life. It is an embodiment of our authentic selves.”

Jocelyn Ng
Fashion Designer + Visual Artist



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